Can coffee reduce cancer risk?

According to various studies, people who drank three or more cups of coffee were 16% less likely to develop kidney cancer than those who on average drank less than one cup a day.

The study could not show that coffee or tea directly reduced the risk of kidney cancer.

Coffee, like tea, increases the body's sensitivity to the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin, and experts suspect that insulin levels could affect kidney cancer risk over time.

Coffee and tea also have antioxidant compounds that help protect kidney cells from cancer-induced damage.


However, the best medicine to effectively prevent this type of pathology is to stop smoking since this increases the risk percentage. On the other hand, we have sports and healthy eating. It is recommended to do sports between 3-4 days a week and eat a balanced diet.

You know, #cafelabers, it's not just enough to come to CafeLab and delight in the diversity of coffees and infusions. You have to stay active and put cigarettes aside!

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