The Way of Coffee: Know the History in Every Cup

Learning grain by grain

You would be surprised to know everything that is behind a cup of coffee, the effort involved, the number of families that work in the value chain to extract all the nuances of that small cherry that ends up in your cup, turned into a drink. so common and at the same time, deeply unknown.

The course we propose is a trip through the world of coffee, from the coffee grower to the consumer. Additionally, you will learn the basic concepts to differentiate a commercial coffee from a specialty coffee. You will also do fun practices to start training your senses and introduce yourself to the world of tasting. 

What will I learn in this course?

Each module is designed to provide you with a deep and complete understanding from the world of coffee, ensuring that you finish the course with comprehensive knowledge and a new appreciation for this complex and delicious beverage.

Get ready to embark on an educational and sensory journey through the universe of coffee with Cafelab!

History and Culture of Coffee

This module immerses you in the rich origins of coffee, exploring how it has been consumed throughout history and revealing fascinating figures and curiosities about this beloved drink. You will discover the evolution of coffee and how it has been integrated into various cultures around the world, influencing social and economic practices.


You will learn to distinguish the different existing coffee varieties, understanding their life cycle from seed to mature plant, as well as the cultivation techniques that affect their flavor and quality. This knowledge will allow you to appreciate the diversity of coffee and understand what makes each type unique.

Processing Methods

This segment of the course focuses on the critical processes that coffee goes through before reaching your cup. We'll cover topics such as harvesting, wet and dry processing methods, and fermentation, giving you a comprehensive view of how each stage affects the final profile of the coffee.

Coffee Tasting

Finally, you will put everything you learned into practice through a coffee tasting session. We will use a French press to extract the coffee, allowing you to savor and appreciate the different nuances and flavors that you have studied throughout the course.

Where is the experience carried out?

asian experience at cafélab casa del rey

A cafe with history

Live a Unique Experience at CaféLab Casas del Rey, the oldest emblematic civil building in Cartagena, which was once owned by himself Philip II. Imagine walking through the same spaces where the illustrious Miguel de Cervantes!

Our experience, guided by expert baristas, will immerse you in a journey of flavor and culture for 2 full hours. Worth €50 per person, you will have the opportunity to be part of an exclusive group, limited to 10 people.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with history, art and good coffee in one place! We are waiting for you at CaféLab Casas del Rey to live this unparalleled experience together!"

Discover the Secrets of Coffee in Our Exclusive Cafelab Course

Master in Coffee: Learn, Taste and Enjoy at Cafelab

Coffee Connoisseur

Transform the way you enjoy coffee! With our course, we give you the tools and knowledge necessary to prepare your own coffee, mastering all its arts and secrets.

Whether to pamper yourself or surprise someone special with a unique gift, We are here to make sure it is an unforgettable experience! Live the magic of coffee with us and take your passion for this drink to a new level.

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Introduction to the world of coffee 50€
CaféLab Casas del Rey
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