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Try the real coffee experience at CaféLab. Unlike supermarket coffees, our coffee beans are fresh because we roast them over a fire and use them in a short time. We use traditional coffee roasting skills to give you a coffee of category.

At CaféLab we select coffee for quality and the character of the cup. Each package of both coffee beans and ground coffee are roasted by hand and are sent to offer it to you in our store. We prepare it every day, from Monday to Friday, to offer you a coffee fresh, delicious and interesting.

From Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya or Nicaragua We bring you directly a selection of the best single origin ground coffee beans, in which our experts make some different and unique combinations so that you can enjoy it. From breakfast coffee blends to espresso brewing; have products for every palate.

The delicious coffee beans and ground coffee served in our cafeteria are the cumulative result of our knowledge and brewing methods. specialty coffees, and now you can also make it yourself by buying it directly from our Online store or by asking at any of our cafes.

Our coffee experts have created a variety of unique combinations of the highest quality For your enjoyment, we have products for every palate.

You can buy a special coffee, and we as suppliers guarantee the best quality-price. All our coffee comes from farmers who are rewarded ​​for their hard work and we know it because we have visited them personally!

Our coffee makes a great gift! Take a look at our section merchandising for gift ideas and inspiration along with coffee. Give what you like to both your family and your friends. With CaféLab you do not disappoint.