CaféLab, more than a coffee shop

Authentic of the coffee

Specialty Coffee is the central axis of our brand. Ours is fair trade, sustainable and pampered from the origin. We apply our extensive knowledge as coffee roasters to give our customers an extraordinary experience, from growing, roasting, extraction to the cup.

At CafeLab we are experts in making the best cup with the best coffee.

Coffee for athletes

Specialty coffee line for those coffee lovers who love sports and want to enjoy a good coffee, and an extra dose of caffeine. 

A Journey of Flavor

From the Field to Your Cup

At Cafelab, we are passionate about tracking the history of each coffee bean, ensuring that only the best reaches your cup. Our search takes us through lush farm fields, where we meticulously select grains that meet our standards of excellence.

Our coffees are a reflection of the diversity and richness from the coffee growing regions of Central America and beyond, making sure to offer a variety that captivates your senses. With every sip, we invite you to explore the unique flavors and aromas that result from careful selection and an impeccable roasting process.

Discover with Cafelab a world where quality and flavor meet, and live a authentic and nuanced coffee experience. Transform every cup of coffee into a unforgettable sensory journey!

40 years of experience

Master roasters

At Cafelab, we are proud to be part of the distinguished family of Bernal Cafes, where the passion for coffee and mastery in the art of roasting are transmitted from generation to generation. We are dedicated to working exclusively with coffee 100% Arabic, guaranteeing supreme quality in each grain.

Our philosophy focuses on artisanal roasting, a meticulous process that allows us to extract and enhance every unique nuance and aroma of coffee. Four decades of experience They support us, consolidating us as true masters in the art of transforming green beans into unmatched flavor experiences.

We bet on the quality and freshness, ensuring that every package of coffee that leaves our roaster reaches you with all the richness and complexity that coffee lovers deserve. With Cafelab, discover the true art of coffee, roasted to perfection. Savor it!

Quality promise

Specialty Coffee

At CaféLab, excellence is our standard, and that is why we are committed to offering only specialty coffees, those who have been evaluated and rated with 80 points or more on the rigorous scale of 100 of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Being a expert coffee shop It involves deep knowledge and meticulous selection of our products. Our devotion to high-quality coffee leads us to source and work exclusively with beans that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring an exceptional flavor experience for our customers.

At CaféLab, we don't just sell coffee; we offer a adventure of flavor and quality that only specialty coffees can provide. Discover the art and passion behind each cup with us. Because you deserve the best!




We actively collaborate with various local entities and organizations committed to social well-being, support for people with special needs, and assistance to those in vulnerable situations, to foster a more inclusive and supportive community.

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