CaféLab, you specialty cafe reference in the Region of Murcia has something very special to celebrate: We launched our signature sandwich! A delight created by chef María Gómez, restaurant owner Magician, the only one with Michelin star from Cartagena. The delicatessen can now be tried in our three specialty cafes in Cartagena (Calle Carmen Conde 23 and Calle Intendencia 8/10) and Murcia (Plaza de los Apóstoles 14).

Anchovies, pickled peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, Marcona almonds, fresh basil, Pretzel bread, and of course, coffee. These are the ingredients of this star sandwich in which nothing seems to have been chosen at random: “It is an explosion of flavors that characterizes both CaféLab and Magoga”explains the chef. “When Paco (Fran Bernal, our CEO) proposed to me to do this collaboration, I thought of something that would unite us. And as we always move by the heart, by the essence, and by the soul of people... we think you would like this sandwich with coffee butter with a hint of smokiness, so that he had relationship with CaféLab, evidently. Then we have added ingredients such as tomato, so characteristic of the region, toasted Marcona almonds, which give it a crunchy touch, and basil, which provides freshness and contrasts with the salty taste of the anchovy. We wanted it to be It will also reflect the cuisine we have in Magoga, which is Mediterranean, from the countryside of Cartagena, our philosophy.”

“Although they seem very powerful ingredients like anchovy, piparras, coffee... everything is very well integrated, very balanced”adds Fran Bernal, CEO of CaféLab. "And the Pretzel bread - of German origin but made here - gives it an original, innovative touch, while taking you back to childhood, like when we ate those salty cookies."

The launch represents another step in the synergy that both establishments maintain

The collaboration between Magoga and CaféLab goes back a long way. Fran Bernal and María Gómez They met almost a decade ago., at Mazinger, the old gintonería run by our CEO and master roaster of Cafés Bernal. Since then, they profess mutual admiration:

“We arrived in Cartagena in 2014 and we met through the Mazinger, which was also spectacular, like everything Paco does. We tried his coffee and the service he gave us and we saw that he was a super special person. From then on we never separated. For me CaféLab is the best coffee shop in Spain, the truth is, even internationally too."Why not say it?" says the Magoga chef.


“They are very good people, constant, hardworking,” says Fran Bernal about María Gómez and her husband, Adrián de Marcos, sommelier and head waiter at Magoga. “And they have had the courage to do what they have done, betting on Cartagena.”

The Michelin-starred sandwich further reinforces the bond that unites María Gómez and Fran Bernal: “We have always had a very close relationship,” explains the chef: “Paco has always helped us, he always brings a lot of value to Magoga. Right now We have a coffee cart designed by him to provide table service, which is unique in Spain, I would dare to say. A cart with different coffee machines and different types of freshly roasted CaféLab coffee, with which we offer our customers that coffee experience that is a super important ritual, especially with the coffee tradition that we have here in Cartagena. And thanks to Paco we have that extra in Magoga.” 

From that mutual respect and that enthusiasm for always going to the gastronomic avant-garde Now this luxurious snack is born that you can now taste, at any time, at CaféLab.