King Carlos I ordered the construction of a Royal House in Cartagena (Hence the name Casas Del Rey), on Intendencia Street, which would serve to store weapons and provisions to supply the companies raised in Spain.

It was ordered that it could also be used as accommodation for the militia, while the necessary contribution was gathered to form the naval escort and to be able to move to the beach of Savona.

Cafélab Casas del Rey

The main door of the Casas del Rey faced Intendencia Street and the shield that crowns it bears the date 1576, the year in which the work was completed.

On Intendencia Street, which borders the house of the Admiral of Maritime Action, we find one of the polished shields of those years. We can find another shield, but this one is located in a small square, perpendicular to the previous street, called Cuartel del Rey.

Cartagena would be significantly enhanced by its military and defensive role. As a base for the royal galleys, they proceeded to reinforce the walls and build various coastal fortifications, such as the Christmas fort, as well as several defensive towers throughout the region.

The port served as a cannon that pointed in
two directions: Africa and Europe.

Definitely, CafeLab Casas del Rey is an ideal place to be present and experience the art that this 16th century construction gives off.

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