As you already know, at CaféLab we have a multitude of different coffees and many ways to make them: infusions, flat whites... That is why it is often not so easy to choose between the options on our menu. Although you will always find the ideal coffee for you, we have thought of giving you some general suggestions to help you in choosing said coffee.

The first thing to do is recognize the variety: if you prefer a bitter and strong flavor, your ideal variety will be the robusta; On the contrary, if you want to enjoy a softer, finer and fruitier coffee, you have to choose the Arabica variety. That is a general rule and should not be taken as an absolute truth. In fact, there are also types of coffee that mix the two varieties and many more factors must be taken into account.

Another basic information is the degree of roasting of the bean: this can also determine whether a coffee is mild or not. For example, in Mediterranean countries the Arabica variety is widely used, but with a fairly strong roast that gives the coffee more intensity. The coffee that most represents this typology is the Italian espresso, which also constituted a revolution for its particular production process. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the US and the Nordic countries prefer a lightly roasted bean, as happens in American coffee.

If you are looking for a purer flavor, ask for a roast made naturally, without additives. If, on the other hand, you want to taste something with a more acidic touch, try roasted coffee, which is roasted by adding sugar at high temperatures, which gives a caramelized patina and a black color. Roasting is usually the most used typology in Spain.

Your ideal coffee

Body, aroma and flavor are subjective factors, which only depend on your preferences.

If you are a bolder type and you like to experiment, we recommend our carajillos: the Asian, typical Cartagena coffee with condensed milk, cognac and Licor 43 and the Belmonte, with condensed milk and milk.

If you have a very sweet tooth and love coffee made with chocolate you have many opportunities; among these: FerreroLab Coffee, Mocca Nutella, Mocca Caramelo, Mocca Blanco and much more.
Finally, if you are still not sure which type of coffee you might like best, don't hesitate to ask our team! He will be happy to explain everything you would like to know and everything you need to choose the perfect coffee for you.

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