For many of us, coffee is more than a drink, it is an indispensable part of our wake-up ritual, to activate our body, something we cannot do without.

Whether enjoying the silence of the early morning or dining with your family, friends or business associates, it's always a good idea to have a hot cup of coffee.

We at CaféLab have decided to take a look at what happens to our body a couple of hours after enjoying that cup, and a little later so that you can observe what you yourself experience after drinking what seems like a simple cup of coffee. It is quite surprising that something that is not given so much importance can end up being so beneficial and helpful in various aspects.

Get ready: what we found is quite amazing and will not leave you indifferent!


Caffeine enters your bloodstream, your heart rate and blood pressure begin to activate.


You start to feel more focused and alert.

You more easily find a way to solve problems and make decisions, caffeine helps you feel less tired by connecting the adenosine receptors in your brain.


Your body begins to produce more adrenaline, this causes clearer vision thanks to the dilation of your pupils.


Your body's serotonin level begins to grow. This improves the functioning of your neurons and increases muscle strength.


Coffee can increase the energy released by your cells, when this happens, your body begins to burn fat even when you are not moving!

Caffeine also stimulates the production of gastric juices.


The caffeine in coffee has diuretic effects, your body will lose essential vitamins along with minerals and water.

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