Every morning, around 63% of caffeine-loving Spaniards have a good cup of coffee. In addition to providing a much-needed boost in the morning, the type of coffee you drink reveals many things about your personality.

The psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula carried out a study on the relationship between the coffee we drink and our personality. In this study, he took a sample of 1,000 coffee consumers, evaluating aspects such as common psychological traits and personality styles, analyzing patience, extroversion and introversion, perfectionism, sensitivity, social boldness and warmth.

In their results, certain relationships could be observed between a type of coffee and certain personality traits of the person who drinks it:

  • just coffee: They are born leaders. They have a very hard-working nature that even serves as an inspiration to others. In addition, they are active people who enjoy the taste of coffee.
  • Coffee with milk: They are very homely people. They tend to be a little indecisive and insecure and like to please everyone. On the other hand, they are quite affectionate and have good family ties.
  • cappuccino coffee: They are sociable and outgoing people who have no trouble making new friends. Although they also tend to be obsessive and controlling people.
  • Mocha coffee: They are creative lovers as well as being sweet and romantic people.
  • Frappuccino coffee: Frappuccino drinkers are adventurous people who live in the moment. They have a very positive energy and tend to follow trends.
  • Coffee to go: They are people who live very fast and do not like to waste even a minute. They are responsible and serious.
  • Instant coffee: They are clueless, relaxed and happy. They enjoy the moment and take life without worrying about tomorrow. They are not retailers.
  • Cut coffee: They tend to be very simple and conformist people. They change their minds from one moment to the next.

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