10 reasons to consume compostable coffee capsules [2021]

cápsulas de café compostable

In this post we are going to discover ten reasons why consuming compostable coffee capsules is not only an excellent idea for you and your family, but also for the environment.

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CafeLab. Authentic coffee experts

In CafeLab we have been decades roasting specialty coffees under the tradition of our family business, Bernal Cafes -with more than forty years of experience- and the innovation of our pioneers cafes, spread throughout the Region of Murcia, where our clients can taste them.

There are many people who come every day to enjoy a unique and exquisite experience, in an environment where you can breathe coffee in every corner and in every detail. Our customers come to visit us to take bags of 100% Arabica coffee, or order it directly at our web store. In grain, ground or in compostable capsules: different nuances, aromas and textures.

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Before explaining why it is important not to consume capsules composed of aluminum, We want to tell you about an experience we had a few weeks ago at CafeLab Ciudad Jardín, in Cartagena, and which is related to the topic we are discussing today.

A customer came to buy a Christmas gift for his wife and asked Juan, one of our expert baristas, to tell him about the assortment of specialty coffee we have. When our colleague was offering him different options, the customer interrupted him and told him that he would never buy coffee capsules, since he had read that these, once used, were terrible for the environment. He argued that the materials with which they are made damaged the planet and that he was not willing to be part of its degradation, for the simple fact of having a coffee. I still didn't know that Our capsules are made of ecological and biodegradable 100% materials. We explained it to him and new doubts quickly arose:

“Do these materials influence the taste?”, “Are they compatible with the Nespesso machine?”

“Is the coffee they contain specialty?” “Are they more expensive?” …

Aware of the shadows and doubts that arise on this matter, we are going to explain to you what they consist of and why it is so important that, if we consume coffee pods, they are compostable.

Never better said

Traditional coffee capsules: a threat to the environment.

cápsulas de aluminio contaminan el medio ambiente

Coffee is one of the most traded products in the world. Capsules represent almost half of global coffee sales and the figure is growing as the years go by. According to the newspaper The Guardian, Halo estimates that 39,000 aluminum and plastic capsules are manufactured every minute, and that 29,000 of them end up in landfill. Mountains of useless waste that all they do is deteriorate and contaminate our planet.

How are you staying? If you want to give us your opinion you can do so, below, in comments.

In recent years, more and more people are echoing the poor or non-existent sustainability offered by traditional coffee pods. The aluminum and plastic that give shape to these capsules They take centuries to disappear from the environment. The question of what to do with this waste is gaining more and more strength.

Some companies are beginning to ask their customers to, once used, take their capsules to specific points for collection and subsequent recycling. But taking into account the high level of consumption that exists, and being realistic, it is practically impossible for each single dose to end up in the correct place.

Can aluminum capsules be recycled?

Yes, although the vast majority of capsules are not recycled, and those that are must go through a long, expensive and environmentally unfriendly process.

CafeLab compostable coffee capsules. The environmentally friendly alternative environment.

cápsulas compostables de café

Due to our environmental commitment and as an alternative to aluminum capsules, we have developed an innovative solution with the intention of reducing the impact of plastic and aluminum that other capsules leave in the environment. The compostable and biodegradable 100% coffee capsules from CafeLab to enjoy an aromatic and delicious specialty coffee, without harming the planet.

Likewise, our coffee, being a specialty, comes from a sustainable farming system, so that it protects biological diversity and provides quality to the farmland.

The organoleptic qualities of coffee are preserved thanks to an “oxygen barrier” system that prevents it from entering and oxidizing the coffee of our compostable single doses. With our latest generation capsules, the aroma and flavor are not affected, guaranteeing that the product is of quality and provides a pleasant experience to our customers.

Additionally, our coffee capsules are made using biodegradable inks and materials, so they do not pollute or produce any waste. On the other hand, the capsule cases and the barista inserts inside are made with recycled paper, which has saved energy, natural resources and water.

Compliance with European regulations EN-13432


We guarantee our specialty coffee capsules are 100% compostable complying with European regulations EN-13432, and the American ASTM D6400.

These regulations require that the materials that shape the capsule meet a series of specific characteristics:

  • When subjected to a carbon dioxide-rich environment for six months, the biodegradability should be at least 90%. CafeLab capsules are characterized by being 100% degradable within a period of three months after use in said environment, without leaving any residue.
  • In contact with organic materials, the fragments of the material mass must have dimensions less than 2 mm. in a maximum period of three months.

Compostable specialty coffee capsules at a competitive price.

At CafeLab we are aware that the production of compostable capsules is more expensive than traditional ones, but we have decided to give up that part of our profits, given our commitment to the environment and to consumers, who are increasingly demanding and aware of caring for the planet.

Difference between compostable coffee capsules and biodegradable coffee capsules.

These types of capsules are often confused with each other:

  • Biodegradable capsules decompose in the environment (disappear on their own).
  • Compostable capsules transform into natural fertilizer in contact with other organic waste. They can be thrown into the brown compostable waste container or into the regular garbage bag, the one we use daily.

The CafeLab capsules are characterized by being compostable and 100% biodegradable.

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Ten reasons to consume CafeLab compostable coffee capsules.

  1. Our capsules are compatible with coffee makers Nespresso©.
  2. Each case contains ten capsules of specialty coffee.
  3. We offer you two varieties, one espresso and one decaffeinated.
  4. Our coffees are sustainable, since they are specialty and these are grown on small, environmentally friendly farms.
  5. Under optimal conditions of humidity, temperature and oxygen, they degrade completely approximately in three months without leaving any residue.
  6. We reduce the amount of Solid waste that are discharged into the environment.
  7. By stopping consuming traditional capsules, we drastically reduce air pollution produced during the transformation of waste.
  8. Are completely biodegradable and compostable, that is, they become fertilizer, so they contribute to the maintenance of organic soils.
  9. When we consume them, we help close the natural cycle of organic matter, actively collaborating in the recycling and renewal of natural resources.
  10. We can throw them in the brown container for organic waste.
    That easy! We will not have to take them to a specific collection point.

Convinced? So now you are part of the motion #cafelaber. If you want to try this innovative sustainable and ecosystem-friendly solution, visit our online coffee store. We will wait for you.

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